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Growing together

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HALO Gardens are co-designed with your community.

We work with you to develop a unique garden design using plants that reflect your individual and collective stories and experiences.

What are HALO Gardens?

HALO Gardens were conceived in lockdown. They are a response to our communal experience of the COVID 19 pandemic. Social distancing is one of our greatest tools against the spread of the virus, but is also frightening and isolating. HALO (Healthworkers and Loved Ones) Gardens allow us to celebrate the importance of distance as well as commemorating those we lose, and the efforts people make to support each other.  HALO Gardens are intimate and beautiful outdoor sanctuaries where families and friends can meet safely. They are designed with the people they are for, using the language of plants to share stories. HALO Gardens are an investment in the future, in green recovery and in community.

Felicity Steers

Felicity is an award-winning Landscape Architect and director at Glasgow firm erz. She conceived the original HALO Garden idea during the 2020 pandemic.

Elle Steele

Elle Steele has a background in community and third sector work and is project manager for HALO Gardens. Both Felicity and Elle are passionate about people and place, community and environment.

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