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HALO Gardens are intimate and beautiful outdoor sanctuaries where people can meet safely.

What are HALO Gardens?

HALO Gardens are an investment in the future, in green recovery and in community. Conceived during the Covid 19 pandemic these leafy outdoor rooms allow people to be together in a space that is safe, human and comfortable. We quickly realised that HALO Gardens can be used in any setting for therapeutic and convivial activity.

Our unique co-design process ensures every HALO tells the individual story of each community it serves.

Why are they important?

Getting outside and active in nature is proven to aid health and well being, and supports recovery from trauma or illness.  In any setting, from hospitals to schools to public parks, HALO Gardens can speed the healing process. Social spaces, especially in a green setting help create cohesive communities and are an antidote to the epidemic of loneliness experienced in our busy modern lives. Many places lack greenspace – and people can suffer from “nature deficit disorder”.

HALO Gardens bring people together, in nature, to heal and recover. New friendships and social networks are formed through our co-design process. New and existing communities become more robust taking responsibility for their own individual and unique gardens.

Our people

Felicity Steers

Felicity is an award-winning Landscape Architect and director at Glasgow firm erz. She conceived the original HALO Garden idea during the 2020 pandemic.

Elle Steele

Elle has a background in community and third sector work and is project manager for HALO Gardens. With a trauma informed practice, she uses stories to inform the design of the gardens and help build new networks of friendship.